Ask Admin a.k.a. Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What makes Prismalicious better than other social networks?
Prismalicious not pretending to be better than other networks. Prismalicious is planed to be simple for using and not too commercial as other networks.

2. What is top story's order in Prismalicious?
Prismalicious don't have and not planed to have top story's order. Timeline posts are ordered as they posted.

3. Do you allow sponsored posts on Prismalicious?
No. The only one way to advertise on Prismalicious is on fixed banner places. For more info read here.

4. Can i make targeted ads on Prismalicious?
No. Prismalicious is global service and our perfect partners offer worldwide delivered services. Of course you can advertise on our site without this, but your adds will be viewed worldwide. In this dynamic century any human can be your targeted costumer tomorrow. Just think about how many information about you is collected and used for just one targeted advertisement that you see. That's why we lower price for advertising on our site to 1$ per day, without caps for maximum views - cheap advertisements for everyone without targeting.

5. Is Prismalicious ready for GDPR?
Prismalicious work and always will work with care about your personal data. We offer:
- highest protection for your personal data - Prismalicious's databases can be accessed only by admin. Our supervisors and moderators can't access them.
- we don't collecting and using your data for targeting ads, campaigns or any other needs.
- users can see, edit and delete any personal data in any time.
- if users delete their account, all personal data will be deleted automatically.
- users can have copy of database with their personal data - just ask on and you will have it till 24 hours.

6. Can i make private profile on Prismalicious?
Yes. By default any profile is public, but if you want you can change visibility in Settings>Privacy to "Friends", after this only your friends can see your posts, about info, pictures, friends list, groups and likes; site visitors, users, moderators and supervisors can see only your name, profile's picture and cover. You can set different visibility for any single post if you need.

7. I found fake profile for me. What i can do?
First that you must do is reporting it. After proof this, you can have control of the profile/page, we can suspend profile till owner change it with correct info (for example - fan page), or we can delete it.

8. How works a monthly raffle?
Every month all members with profile picture (excluding admin) have chance to win one or more yearly advertisement pack/s for Prismalicious's sites. In raffle's time admin import users db in excel and keep all users with profile picture excluding himself. The formula =INDEX(celldata,RANDBETWEEN(1,ROWS(celldata)),1) with eleven cells and switched to manual calculations give the eleven winners.

9. It's possible to manipulated the raffle?
Yes, in this world today, anything, anywhere, can be manipulated. But till Admin and CEO of Prismalicious are same person, who can run how much he want ads on owned sites, he havent reasons to manipulate the raffle. This raffle is a gift for users who's help Prismalicious to grow up.

10. Too many accounts from this IP? I can't register! We allowed 3 registrations per IP. But we understand ISP rules will make troubles for some households. That's why you must contact us if you receive warning for too many accounts and we will help you.

11. How you will protect my personal data, if for example FBI asking for it?
If any official investigation's service asking about you, knows you are in possible criminal, and we will support the investigation. Prismalicious won't allow any criminal support on our sites!

12. When i try to register, i got invalid e-mail message - what is wrong?
Due to counter fake accounts creating we allowing only few e-mail providers -,,,,,, and If you want to use another provider, contact us!